Dental Facts

1. If you only brush your teeth and not floss, you miss cleaning over 35% of your teeth! Ask us for suggestions on how to easily floss your teeth.

2. We suggest brushing twice, first with water around the necks and gum line of your teeth, followed by brushing the rest of your teeth with tooth paste.

3. Flossing should be done before bed time instead of in the mornings because your mouth stays cleaner, longer when done at night.

4. For children and older adults, flouride rinses are a great addition to dental health!

5. Diet sodas are just as harmful to your tooth structure as regular sodas due to the carbonation (acidic) in both! If you must drink them, rinse your mouth with water afterwards and brush an hour or so after.

6. People with healthy diets keep their teeth and live longer!

7. Daily smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages have been linked to increased incidences of cancers.