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At Cuglewski & Associates we believe in putting out patients comfort and care first. When we get a patient thank you letter, we know we're doing something right!

"Dear Dr. Jim,
Thank you for fitting me in and taking care of my teeth.  You are an awesome dentist!  We are so blessed to have you take care of our teeth!  Thank you!


"Just wanted to thank you for the suggestion to see a dermatologist.  Now, after 6 months I no longer have red, swollen fee and legs.  Amazing!  Saw my oncologist Monday and his comment was 'It doesn't make sense.'  After 6 months I don't care - the dermatologist's treatment is working and the oncologist never figured it out.  For now, it is working.  And I'm so grateful to you for the great idea.  Thank you! Thank you!


"I’ve known Dr. Jim since he was in Dental School. Seeing him as a patient and friend throughout the years I have known Dr. Jim to be very honest about any question I ask him. That was the first thing that brought me back to him after seeing other dentists closer to my home in Boston. So to answer the question why do I come from Boston to Cleveland to see a dentist? You get the best care with knowledge & skill, much love, very friendly staff and reasonable cost.  Ok, the cost of my trip is about the cost of a pair of tickets and parking to see your favorite team. This is only twice a year, I can fly out and back in the same day. You only get 1 set of teeth so they are worth getting the best care."

-Tom Ferguson

"The best dentist ever. Have been to many dentists over the years and have found that Dr Jim really cares. Awesome Hygienists, really do an awesome job."

-JPH, Dr. Oogle Review

"I have been a patient of Dr. Cuglewski's for over 25 years. The expertise of Dr Cuglewski cannot be matched. His staff is efficient kind and caring. Never a problem with billing."

-Andrea C.

Health Grade Review

"It's always a pleasant experience, if you can describe going to the dentist as being pleasant. You are treated with courtesy and respect from the time you step in the door. Dr. Jim, his associates, and the whole staff are friendly, efficient and professional. I feel lucky to have found this office and will never go anywhere else."

-Angie's List Review

"You, your associates and your entire office staff deserve a '5 Star Dental Service Award' if one exists. You all make going to the dentist a fun time."

-Gene G. 

"Going to the dentist was never something I looked forward to until Dr. Jim. Dr. Jim and his staff are professional, and kind. His whole staff is friendly, clean, and top notch! His work is excellent and he explains things clearly to you ahead of time and while he is working on you so that you are comfortable with the whole process. I could not be more pleased with a dentist. He treats you like family. My teeth were discolored to the point where I would be reluctant to smile, and I am in sales. My teeth look 100% better and not too white or fake looking as many people have done. My smile is back, thanks to Dr. Jim."

-Dr. Oogle Review

"My dentures are great!! No adhesive-nothing! Thank you for your patience and a terrific job!"


"He is very friendly and reasonably priced. He has an excellent dental hygienist, Kris. They do an excellent job."

-Angie's List Review

"First of all, the quality of care I have received has been excellent. From a routine dental cleaning to having cavities filled, you have always taken excellent care of me. Second, you and your staff are always very caring and kind whenever I come in. If I am nervous about something, you always try to put me at ease by telling jokes, singing or talking to get my mind off of what is happening. You have always been patient explaining what needs to be done or improved upon. In short, I feel that you are the best dentist I have ever been to and I truly want to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. My sincere thanks to you and your entire staff for the excellent care you give to your patients every day of the year."

-Karl G. 

"I have been seeing Dr. Cuglewski for about twenty three years. I was referred to him by a family member. He offers 24 hour emergency service. His staff is great. They are very professional. The quality of work excellent. I will continue to see him in the future."

-Angie's List Review

"Best ever! I love the office personnel and staff. He makes me want to go to the dentist!"

-Dr. Oogle Review

"Kris, the hygienist is terrific as she gets the crud off but doesn't hurt you; Dr. Jim is very personable and competent; Dr. Judy is very professional and a perfectionist in her work (which I love, having worked for a dentist before).  The office staff is very likable and they do their jobs very well, especially Teri."

-Angie's List Review

"Dr. Jim and his staff offer you the most enjoyable experience you possibly can have when you visit a dentist. They keep waiting time to a minimum, make sure you are comfortable, explain the procedures and keep the atmosphere cheery. They are most gracious and accommodating even for emergencies. I actually was a patient of his before he was a dentist. I was assigned to him at the Western Reserve dental school in the days before dental plans. He was excellent then, even as a rookie, and I've stuck with him throughout his 26 year career. I have also recommended many friends and co-workers and not one has ever come back to me and said a negative word about Dr. Jim. Consequently, I can say from the heart that he and his staff will make your visit enjoyable while providing you with the best dentistry that is currently available."

-Fritz, Dr. Oogle Review

To Teri and Team:
"Thank you for your warm smiles and excellent service." :)

-The Mongaliers

"Dear Dr. Jim,
Thank you so much for fixing my teeth.  I was so worried after chipping it and you made it look even better.  I am so thankful to have such a talented and generous dentist.  Thank you again for everything.  You are the BEST!!"


"Dear Dr. Jim,
I just want to thank you for your kindness and patience with my Mom.  Our family has had an extremely challenging last couple years related to her health and care.  We thank you for making that go a little easier.  You are the best!  You have the best staff!"


"I wanted to give you a sincere thank you for restoring my implant. It looks and feels great. Actually, the crown is rather insignificant. It's your expertise, kindness and friendship which I really value. It took me three years to decide on a dentist and I picked the best one. Thank you for your kindness. Jill, Thomas, Teri, Becky, everyone at your office displayed warmth on every occasion."


"Thank you very much to you and your staff for years of excellent and professional care. Your expert dentistry and amazing personality have made a lasting impact on our family. You always go above and beyond!"

-The Moriarty Family

"You and your staff are the best! You are all so friendly and kind! You make seeing the dentist fun! "


"Very personable dentist. The environment makes you feel like part of the family. Very willing to listen and suggest options. High quality results."


Health Grade Review

"You're the greatest and your staff is just wonderful!"


"Great environment. Dr. Cuglewski keeps his office family friendly and appropriate while not being too kiddie in nature. The staff is very professional and the work done is expert. I used to be very anxious about getting dental work done, but Dr. Cuglewski made me very comfortable and kept the pain and discomfort to the extreme minimum."

-Dr. Oogle Review

"Excellent! Dr. James Cuglewski was recommended by my former doctor who retired. They are very professional and reasonable with their pricing. I always get in quickly. I would recommend him to my friends too."

-Angie's List Review

"My office visit was a very pleasant experience. Where else can you go and have a dentist, comedian and a singer (of sorts) all rolled in to one work on you? I can't wait until my next visit!"


"They have a friendly staff and the hygienist is very good as well. We would highly recommend this facility."

-Angie's List Review

"Thank you for all the effort in making me feel comfortable. Believe it or not I have never felt as relaxed in a dental office as I did yesterday! Yourself as well as your staff set up an easy, informative and personalized atmosphere. I truly appreciated it!"

-Karen L.

"Dr. Cuglewski and his staff are very friendly and ready to assist me in any needs that I have. If he has a full schedule, and I have a dental emergency, he finds it in his day to make room for me."

-Jerry-Dr. Oogle Review

"Very personable dentist. The environment makes you feel like part of the family. Very willing to listen and suggest options. High quality results."


"This dental office was referred to me many years ago and I have been going ever since. I have had my teeth cleaned by everyone in the office but Chris is the one I normally see. Dr. Cuglewski, known as Dr. Jim, has got to be one of the most out-going, sincere and competent professionals I have ever met. His whole staff is customer oriented and go out of their way to make sure you have a pleasant experience. Now my whole family goes to the same dental office. I promise, if you make an appointment with anyone in this office, you will keep going back."

-Angie's List Review

"Dr. Jim is great! He is always in a good mood. He never fails to make me smile and laugh. He is the only dentist that I've ever gone to in my lifetime. He tells jokes, and even sings! He is one of the most positive people I've ever met!"

-Elizabeth M.

"Great guy. Good heart. You will not be disappointed. I am always amazed that people are afraid to go to the dentist. I have been seeing Dr. Jim since I was a young child and never once have I been afraid."

-Dr. Oogle Review

"The customer service was excellent, and I was able to get a rather quick appointment for a first time client. Everybody there was very friendly and courteous and they are very conscientious about pain management."

-Angie's List Review