Cuglewski & Associates

Our Philosophies


Quality + Care = Extra Value for our Patients!

Our personal touch keeps people coming back. 

Preservation + Conservation = Bio metric Dental Care

Our Vision: 

Our office exists to serve a special group of people we have dedicated our careers to...our patients! We have created an environment of honesty and professionalism, where patients feel comfortable, well cared for and welcome. Every patient will be aware of the quality of care they receive and of our staff's sincere concern to help them achieve a healthy mouth. 

Our staff has promised to always be a group of positive team members to strive to create a place where our work is enjoyable, to encourage and support each other and to increase the professional growth of our patients and selves.

Our Goals:

1. To treat and prevent dental disease.

2. To educate patients on new scientific and technological advances in dentistry that will improve the quality of their lives.

3. To daily improve our knowledge, skills, and to grow as a unified dental team, and as individuals.

4. Improve the health of our patients.

5. Perform minimally invasive dentistry where possible.

Our Dental Staff Creed:

To be loyal to my employer, my calling, my patients, and myself.

To develop initiative-having the courage to assume responsibility and the imagination to create and develop ideas.

To be prepared to always fulfill the opportunities of my calling.

To be a good co-worker, creating a spirit of cooperation and friendliness, rather than one of fault-finding and criticism in the office.

To be generous to others with both my praise, help and time.

To be tolerant with my associates, for I also make mistakes.

To be friendly, realizing friendships result in happiness.

To be respectful of other peoples' viewpoints.

To be systematic, since organization contributes to efficiency.

To know the value of time for my employers, patients and myself.

To safeguard my health, since good health is necessary to achieve a successful career and life.

To be tactful-doing and saying right things at the right times.

To be courteous-for this is a quality of my upbringing and a good example for others.

To see the beautiful things in life rather than fear the unknown.

To always be smiling!

To be enthusiastic, no matter how small or trivial a job may seem.

To be thankful for all God has given and done for me!