Cuglewski & Associates



Cuglewski & Associates is dedicated to providing our patients with our very best in dental treatment and care. It has also been our goal and challenge to raise peoples' esteem and awareness of our amazing dental profession. From blankets to pillows, to sunglasses and bears, our goal is to eliminate a patient's reasons for avoiding good dental care. Below are some of the unique services we offer which set us apart from other dental offices.

24 Hour Emergency Line

For our established patients only.


Complimentary Dental Consultation

We offer a free 15 minute dental consultation. Please call to schedule this appointment if interested.


Complimentary Wedding Teeth Cleaning

You'll want clean and healthy teeth when you walk down the aisle to say, "I do." Established patients are encouraged to come in with their spouse to be and receive a complimentary cleaning just in time for their wedding (brides and grooms).



DuraFlex Partials

What makes DuraFlex Partials different from other partials?

  • Metal Free-The partial is made of a state-of-the-art thermoplastic material. It contains NO metal framework or clasps.
  • Natural Appearance-DuraFlex is thin and translucent so it disappears in the mouth.
  • Comfortable- The flexible material is thin, lightweight and provides improved comfort over traditional dentures.
  • No Drilling- DuraFlex requires NO tooth preparation for a stress free procedure.
  • No Stains and Odors- The DuraFlex material won’t absorb stains and odors.
  • Safe-DuraFlex does not contain Monomer or Bisphenol A. 



Local Dental Laboratories and Technicians

No foreign labs are used.  We believe in quality control which local labs have and foreign labs often do not. We firmly believe and support "Made in the USA."



Kid Friendly

Our prize drawer has become well known among our patients. Once the child's appointment is over, they are invited to go to our prize drawer and select something as a thank you for their cooperation. Many patients who started coming to Cuglewski & Associates as children, now have their children and grandchildren receiving prizes after their appointments!



Patient Comfort Options

  • Headphones to block out unwanted sounds
  • Dark sunglasses to protect the eyes and distort visual fears
  • Warmed anesthetics take the "sting" from injections
  • Portable fans are used for patients who are too hot
  • Soft, warm blankets are used by patients who are too cold
  • Contoured lamb's wool pillows for neck and back pain
  • Stuffed bears to squeeze if a person is afraid



Very Busy Person Appointments

For the person with the busy schedule who needs to come into our office for extensive dental work. Patients can get their necessary dental work done faster, in fewer appointments, and with less time missed from work either early in the morning or late at night. Call to inquire about them.



Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth for a dazzling smile! "If you could do just one thing for your teeth, what would it be?" Most people answer, "Whiten them!"

Learn More About our Whitening Options